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Why Coworking

Have you seen entrepreneurs huddling at the local coffee houses, always searching for a quiet place to meet with colleagues and customers. Renting expensive office and/or meeting space is simply not an option and working in relative isolation at home is just not a great option. We have a professional, welcoming work space with available meeting rooms, connectivity and importantly, human interaction.



Plans & Prices



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We know you want to succeed and we want to help.  Shared success is good for the community and coworkers know that. You will learn that if you don’t know it already. Try it you’ll love it.



You know a guy that knows a guy who needs something done? Coworkers know that guy. Skip the six degrees and share resources directly within the community.


Brilliant ideas

It’s not magic. Well, come to think of it, yes it is. Coworkers call this serendipity, and from our experience, when we Cowork, great ideas spontaneously emerge.

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Comfortable work environment

How about furnishings specifically dedicated to support innovation, collaboration and dynamic office culture. And it's all “ergonomic.”


Mailbox service

Just need to receive your snail mail at a real business address? Talk to us about this unique service. Of course, we will receive mail and packages for all members at no additional cost.



Connected: To bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established. We’re not talking wise-guys here. We’re talking get crap done. Together.